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Design and Planning 

Aerial View of a Beautiful Property

What would you like to see?

One of our experienced design consultants will come to your home to meet with you. This is where you will be able to explain what you are needing in your pool so that we can talk design.

3-D Pool Design

I can see my pool before its built?

That's right! Every customer gets a computer generated design so that you can see exactly what the pool will look like in your back yard. After the edits, and the design has been approved, we will use this to engineer the rest of the process.

pool edge.jpg
Material Selection

What's your favorite colors?

Once we start construction, then you will start to pick out the tile, plaster, decking, and stone that you like the best! 

 Construction and Training









The first step to building your pool is excavation.

On the day of excavation we meet with you one more time to go over the design and layout of your pool.

This is a very important step in building your project. It is the foot print of your pool. The excavation of your pool insures the proper installation of plumbing, steel and gunite.







Our plumbing represents one aspect of our extensive knowledge of commercial pools. We use 2 1/2" pipe for main drains, minimum 2 skimmers and more returns. This allows your pool to circulate more water which keeps your pool cleaner with less maintenance giving you more time to enjoy your new pool!  









We use more steel period. Our layout of rebar is 8" on center and 4" on center insuring the strongest bond possible for the gunite shell.








We use Prestige Gunite, one of the largest and oldest gunite companies in the country to insure you get the strongest pool shell possible.

Tile and Coping



Tile - First we work with you to pick out the perfect tile for your pool and spa. I understand everyone has a busy schedule so I will bring an array of samples to your home for your convenience. Installing the tile on your pool and/or spa is usually a fairly simple process for an experienced tile and coping crew.

Coping -This is a very critical step to the look of your new pool and can be a little more time consuming unless you have chosen the right pool builder that will listen and understand what your needs and wants are! This is where my 20 plus years experience building pools helps you! Let me do the running around looking at flagstone, brick, waterfall boulders and veneers this is what you hired me for and if I'm doing my job I know what to look for! Now, after you have made your choice if the coping crew is not very experienced it won't matter. Stone work is an art and requires years of experience and that's why at Liquid Oasis we hire only the best to make sure this critical step for your new pool is done right!        

Equipment Set and Electrical




Liquid Oasis uses only the best equipment possible for your new pool (Pentair, Jandy, Polaris, Rainbow etc.). I have been in this business over 20 years I have used them all!  All pumps, filters and valves are upgraded to commercial grade (except cartridge filters) at no additional cost!   We  will have the equipment delivered to your site and our plumbers will install it on the gunite equipment pad.  Our electricians then will perform all the electrical work necessary to tie the equipment into the breaker panel of your home. This often requires access to the home but you will receive ample notice of this schedule in order to work it in to yours.     




Liquid Oasis offers an array of decking choices ( Brushed, Salt, Colored finish, Koolcrete, Stamped). We realize that most of the soil in East Texas is sand but if the soil in your backyard is not perfect for pouring concrete on, then we will bring in sand then lay the rebar to insure the quality of work we do is upheld and you as the customer receive the best job possible! Liquid Oasis also pours 4000 PSI concrete, while others pour 3000 PSI.  We will also bring in extra sand so that after the concrete form boards are removed we can smooth out areas around the deck to make it easier to install grass or landscaping, This will also give the site a much cleaner and finished look. Liquid Oasis prides themselves on a clean and maintained jobsite!       






Liquid Oasis offers a wide selection of plasters (White, colored, Quartz, Stone Scapes, Marquis series, Diamond Brite) that vary in warranties from 1 year to 10 years. The plaster process can vary from 1 to 3 days depending on the type of plaster you choose. We work with the best plaster crews from here to Houston to insure you are getting the best product available! I will provide samples of plasters to make your choice hassle free!   

Start up & Pool School




Liquid Oasis uses the best startup crews in the business.  They will install all your controls and teach you how to use them. They will also apply the appropriate start up chemicals for your pool chemistry so they can balance it out properly when they return for your pool school. They will set a time to return in a few days and go over all the equipment and chemicals so you understand how your new pool works and how to maintain it. I know it can be a lot to absorb but don't worry, he will give you his contact information for any questions and you will always have mine. Your pool is now ready! ENJOY!!!

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