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Our Services

Residential New Pool Construction

Every pool is uniquely built to fit the needs and wants of each customer. No two pools are the same! After the first consultation, we will use our 3D Concept Design to bring your vision to life so that you can see exactly what your backyard will look like once construction has finished. Visit our Construction Process page to see what the rest of the build will look like after settling on a design. 

Outdoor Living

If you want the whole backyard paradise we have the means to do it.

Below is a list of additional services we provide to bring you total tranquility:

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Covered Patio

  • Pergola

  • Stained Concrete

  • Stamped Concrete

  • Travertine Decking

  • Complete Landscaping

  • Custom Fire Place/Pits

  • Fencing

  • Lighting



Pool Remodeling ​

Are you feeling stuck with a pool that has cracked or equipment’s that does not function properly? Let us come out and take a look, we will work to make your backyard into a place you can feel proud of. We can add water features, slides, or travertine to your current pool to bring a brighter visual appeal. 

Equipment Service & Repair

We work on all different types of pool and spa equipment, we can do it all! We pride ourselves in completing any job to the fullest and keeping our customers informed. We'll do or best to fix your existing equipment, and if a replacement is needed, you will be presented with options that suit you/your pools specific needs.  We are here to help make sure your pool continues to function properly, safely, and efficiently! 

We also perform regular tune ups on pool filters. For filters that have cartridges' and DNS filters, we recommend a tune up around every spring and fall to keep them working properly. A regular tune up can add years to the life of your current filter. Give us a call if you think you might need a tune up on your filter or sand replacement!

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Are you constantly refilling your pool and not sure where the leak is? Sometimes the point of the leaking is obvious, sometimes it's not and can take a while to pinpoint. We are fully equipped to find any leak in your pool. Our service manager is certified to dive with equipment if we have to run along the bottom of your pool to find the leak. 

Service Warranty 

We are a Pentair Preferred Partner, and can assist in the replacement of your equipment that is under warranty from Pentair. Give us a call!


Contact us today for more questions about the services we provide! 

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Let's design and start building your oasis!

We are here to help!

Whether you are starting to plan for the future, or your ready to start designing now, give us a call!

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