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Benefits of having a Grotto

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

One of the best parts of a custom pool, is that you get to do exactly that, customize every detail of your pool! Grottos are one of the many ways that you can add some personality to your outdoor oasis, but it also has several other benefits.

Temperature Regulation

Have you ever jumped into a hot pool in the middle of the summer? I have and it's not refreshing! In Texas, waterfalls are almost essential to keeping your pool feeling fresh and cool! Combine the fact that moving water stays cooler than stagnant water with the waterfall adding oxygen and you are left with a lower water temperature than if you didn't have the grotto!

Water Circulation

The waterfall off the grotto keeps your water moving throughout the pool. With the constant water movement, plus the use of the pump, you can more evenly distribute the chemicals through the pool and filtration system! This helps prevent chemical or algae build up and keeps your pool cleaner as the debris is constantly circulating through the filter.

Ads Property Value

In the event you decide to move, the grotto can help you retain value when it comes to a resale. It is considered a customized fixture and will give you more bang for your buck than some other features.

Sound Blocking

The natural moving water acts as a therapeutic noise barrier to the sounds around you that are less calming. Why not find some tranquility on your back porch while sipping your coffee or enjoying a cold margarita!

If you are someone who doesn't live on a busy road and prefers the quite that the country offers, all our grotto's can easily be shut off. This way you can still keep all the benefits the grotto offers but shut the waterfall off while you are outside wanting complete silence.


A grotto looks absolutely stunning when structured correctly for a more natural but unique look! There are a million different ways to design the perfect Grotto for your pool.

The sky is the limit when designing your backyard oasis! What do you want to see when you step out you back door? Our design experts are here to help, give us a call!

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